The amazing Aquascooter is the worlds only totally portable, submersible, gasoline powered personal water craft that can propel you quietly through the water at up to 5 mph. The Aquascooter is also perfect for an easy, fun ride to diving sites. Aquascooter - The maneuverable, submersible engine that can pull or push you through the water at a surprising rate of speed. It's Fun! It's Fantastic! It's Incredible! You simply must try one - You'll want one for sure.

CLICK HERE to view the history of Aquascooter. It will worth the $1.99 they charge to watch it!

The Aquascooter takes all the effort out of swimming or snorkeling and provides so much more fun. This compact water sports machine is easily stored on a boat or shelf and carried anywhere. Our water scooter is fun for all ages and adaptable to all sorts of water sports.

The Aquascooter is safe and easy to use. The Aquascooter is very lightweight (15 lbs), so adults and kids alike can use it with ease. Under typical conditions this water scooter can tow it's user over 10 miles on just one tank of fuel. This amazing scooter is so fuel efficient that you and your friends can enjoy the thrills of Aqua scooting for up to three hours on a single tank.

The Aquascooter is an exciting and unique one of a kind product that has been in production since 1979. We have created this website to make it easier for you to purchase Aquascooters, Aquascooter parts, Aquascooter accessories and Aquascooter gear in an easy, safe and secure manner. Please read our "Policies" page before ordering and feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions that you may have about the Aquascooter.

Aquascooter is the service center for Aquascooter for the United States and we provide parts worldwide.