Peter Swanson:
"Great product and service!."
Alexis Dragony:
"Thank you for this product--CANNOT ride in Calif. without it. Bought the first one 8 years ago but lost it somehow today."
Bob Sinclair:
"I'm delighted to find your webpage as a resource, having owned an Aqua Scooter for something like 30 year now.

I've had a lot of fun with my toy over the years, but haven't used it much over the past decade or so. Not at all, matter of fact. I plan to remedy that during the coming summer season."

Russell Hedges:
"I just bought parts and oil from here. I received my order quickly, and it was accurate. All the things I needed I got. But beyond that, I received the advice I needed to make the Scooter run again. Thank you!"
John Soderman:
"If you think having an AquaScooter is fun, you should experience the fun that owning two brings. When I bought mine about 15 years ago, I never imagined they would be so much fun. Owning two really brings out the best of the "Buddy System" whether touring or racing!"
Dick Manseau:
"I bought an Aqua Scooter from you last year and it was wonderful. Started every time and never had a problem. Now, I need to buy some more special oil. Please let me know how to order it.

Thank You."

Jamie Davies:
"I have had my AquaScooter for almost 4 years without a hitch. Until now!!!! :-(

Bad fuel mix. But apart from this hickup, she has started every time and never stopped. I take canoe tours around some island of the coast where seals (Australian Fur) live. They don't mind the sound of the little prop at all much to the delight of the many snorkellers that come to see the seals.

Until I found your Web Site I could never find a distributor for any parts.

Thank for years of fun...."